It all started in 2015...

In 2015, St. Paul's beloved literary event, Soap Boxing Poetry Slam, teamed up with Minnesota's own Button Poetry, the largest distributor of spoken word in the world. With the assistance of the Knight Foundation, Button Poetry Live is a monthly event that features nationally renowned poets and local talent, as well as workshops open to the public. Come visit us the first Monday of every month and feel your emotions soar from laughter to heartbreak and everything else in between. In addition to the monthly Button Poetry Live show, we also run several other shows throughout the Twin Cities area. 

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A quick note about the poetry slam at Button Poetry Live: 

We believe that our show is best when it is balanced and engaging. In order to help accomplish this, for each show, we work to place both experienced and new poets up on our stage with a draw. Additionally, to accommodate folks with disability or mobility issues, who may have trouble getting to a show or folks who are coming from out of town, we give special consideration to them, including pre-reserved spots in the draw. If you are interested in competing in a slam and one of those applies to you, please use the contact button on this page to get in touch with us, at least one week prior to the show. We will do our absolute best to accommodate you!