We believe that our show is best when it is balanced and engaging. In order to help accomplish this, for each show, we work to place both experienced and new poets up on our stage with a draw. Additionally, to accommodate folks with disability or mobility issues, who may have trouble getting to a show or folks who are coming from out of town, we give special consideration to them, including pre-reserved spots in the draw. If you are interested in competing in a slam and one of those applies to you, please use the contact form to get in touch, at least two weeks prior to the show. We will do our absolute best to accommodate you! 

The rules

Each poem must be of the poet’s own construction. Each poet gets three minutes (plus a ten-second grace period) per poem. If the poet goes over time, points will be deducted from the total score. The poet may not use props, costumes or musical instruments. Of the scores the poet received from the five judges (random audience volunteers), the high and low scores are dropped and the middle three are added together, giving the poet a total score of 0-30.


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Gabrielle Bouliane Foundation, Inc.

The Gabrielle Bouliane Foundation, Inc. is a financial hand outstretched to slam poets in need.

The GBF draws on the U.S. slam poetry community to guide poets in financial trouble to ask us for help and contribute to the fund that is dedicated solely to aid its members.

Every GBF officer and board member is a current or past slam poet, is an artist in another field, or has been affected profoundly by slam poetry.

The GBF’s primary focus is to subsidize poets with sustenance needs; especially when the needs are time-critical. Necessities for the applicant or the applicant’s immediate family are supported, such as for medical care, food, shelter, and some transportation expenses. One’s immediate family is defined as only the applicant themself, and one’s legal spouse, parent(s), and children. No funding will be given for needs directly related to slam, i.e., entry fees, travel, or publishing.