Why points?

The points are never the point of poetry, but who doesn’t love a little game now and then? Since poetry slam is in the business of assigning arbitrary numbers to your art, we might as well make those numbers worth something! Bringing back the point system and slam season will encourage artists to push themselves to produce their best work in a friendly competition setting full of love and support for not only the game, but more importantly the art.

how do i earn points?

Points are earned by placing, competing in, or volunteering at a slam!

The breakdown is as follows:

1st place — 8 points
2nd place — 4 point
3rd place — 2 points
Non placing competitors — 1 point
Event volunteers — 1 point

what do points get me?

Over the season (August - May) your points will cumulate and the the people with the most points get to compete in our grand slam team qualifier!

Being on a team means you are among the top poets who will go out representing the Twin Cities at various events locally, regionally, and even nationally.